Reading Text: How to read the Quran?

A very young man started to learn the Quran from a teacher. The people who noticed that the face of the young man was very pale said to the teacher, “That young man stays awake all night to read the Quran and reads the whole Quran at one night.” Thereupon, the teacher asked the young man:

– I hear that you stay awake all night and read the whole Quran.

When the young man told his teacher that what he heard was right, the teacher said:

– Then, when you read the Quran during the night suppose that I am in front of you and read as if I am listening to you; never forget me. 

The young student said yes to his teacher. The next morning they had the following conversation:

– Did you do what I told you?

– Yes, I did.

– Did you read the whole Quran?

– No, I could read only half of it.

– Then, read the Quran by thinking of a Companion of the Prophet who listened to the Quran from him tonight. Read carefully because the Companions listened to the Quran from the Prophet himself. Therefore, be careful not to make any mistakes.

After saying “yes” the young man read the Quran that night; however, he told his teacher that he could read only one-fourth of it. His teacher told him to read the Quran by thinking about the Prophet himself. When the young man did so, he noticed that he could read only one-thirtieth of it. Eventually, his teacher said to him: 

– Tonight, repent and ask forgiveness from Allah and get ready… Think that you are reading the Quran in the presence of Allah.

The next day, the teacher waited for his student to come but nobody came. He sent someone to his house and found out that he was ill. The teacher went to his student’s house to visit him. He found the young man crying. The young man said to his teacher, 

– O teacher! May Allah give you many rewards. Only last night did I notice that I was reading the Quran wrongly. When I opened the chapter al-Fatiha and started to read the verse “Thee do we worship”, I checked my soul and I did not see that I approved God Almighty by that verse. Therefore, I felt ashamed to say, “Thee do we worship”, that is, to read that verse... I constantly read up to the verse “Master of the, Day of Judgment” but I could not read the verse, “Thee do we worship”. When I bowed down for ruku, the dawn almost broke.

According to the report from Ibn Arabi, that young man died an hour later. When the teacher went to visit the grave of the young man, he heard this coming from the grave:

– O teacher! I am alive near Allah, who is alive. Allah did not question me about anything...

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