Prophet Dhulkifl [Ezekiel] (Peace be upon him)

“And commemorate Ismail, Elisha, and Dhul-Kifl: each of them was of the company of the Good” (Sad: 48)




When Hz. Alyasa (Elisha) died, he appointed Hz. Dhulkifl as his successor.1

Hz. Dhulkifl is mentioned in two places in the Quran.2 He was given the name Dhulkifl because he received great grace and abundance from Allah. "Kifl" means share.  For, he was determined to fast during the day, worship at night and decree by justice among people without getting furious.

Some scholars say that Hz. Dhulkifl was Alyasa's cousin while others say Dhulkifl was the nickname given to Hz. Ilyas, Yusha or Zakariyya. It is controversial whether Hz. Dhulkifl is a prophet or not. According to some scholars, Hz. Dhulkifl is not a prophet but a saint.3


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