Proof of Miracles

There are hundreds of miracles of Hazrat Muhammd (pbuh) that have reached us through sound resources. As it is stated by the verses, “And the moon split”, "When you threw, it was not your act, but Allah's.", that he divides the moon into two with a gesture of his finger, that small rocks glorify and praise Allah (SWT) in the Prophet's hand (pbuh), that he casts of a handful of dust into the eyes of his enemies, causing them to flee, that he gives his thirsty army drinking water that flowed forth from his five fingers like the Spring of Kawthar and hundreds of his other miracles become evident through tawatur.

Tawatur means true news reported by a large number of people through reliable chains of narrators; the miracles of Hz. Muhammad are news like tawatur. More than 1000 of these miracles were reported by hadith books through chains of narrators. We refer those miracles to those books and say that a person who has so clear miracles along with high ethics and perfection is definitely an honest and trustworthy person. It is not possible for him to resort to telling lies and cheating, which are done by immoral and dishonest people. The proof of miracle is one of the strong evidences we will show to the people of the book. For instance, let us ask a Christian the following question: 

- How do you know Jesus was sent by Allah? That is, how do you now that - God forbid - he is not a liar and fraud?

He will answer as follows:

We know he was sent by Allah because he showed some miracles. Some people arose from dead and some ill people recovered thanks to his prayer; he blew on the statue of a bird he made out of clay and the bird was revived; it started to fly; he showed many more miracles like those.  

After this explanation, we will say,  

- It means you believe in tawatur, that is the news that cannot be a lie and that is reported by a large group of people. For, you did not see or witness the miracles that you have just mentioned. You believe in them because they reached you through tawatur. Then, you have to believe in the prophethood of Hz. Muhammad (pbuh). For, the miracles of Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) reached us through tawatur. If you say I believe in tawatur, you have to believe in the news about him. If you say I do not believe in tawatur, you cannot believe in Jesus because you did not see his miracles with your eyes; you were not with him when they took place.

Then, there are two alternatives for you: You will deny tawatur and say, "I do not believe in things that I have not seen; they are false"; thus, you will deny Jesus. Or, you will accept the prophethood of Hz. Muhammad (pbuh).

The third way, which is accepting tawatur regarding Jesus and not accepting it regarding Hz. Muhammad (pbuh), means cheating yourself. A person who cheats himself deliberately cannot be called a sane person; we do not talk to insane people.

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