Thousands of Miracles He Showed Prove His (PBUH) prophethood.

There are hundreds of miracles of Hazrat Muhammd (pbuh) that have reached us through sound resources. As it is stated by the verses, “And the moon split” [1], "When you threw, it was not your act, but Allah's." [2], that he divides the moon into two with a gesture of his finger, that small rocks glorify and praise Allah (SWT) in the Prophet's hand (ASW), that he casts of a handful of dust into the eyes of his enemies, causing them to flee, that he gives his thirsting army to drink from the water that flowed forth from his five fingers like the Spring of Kawthar and hundreds of his other miracles become evident through tawatur. Tawatur means true news reported by a group of crowded people that is impossible to tell lies through documents; the miracles of Hazrat Muhammad are news that is like tawatur.

More than a thousand miracles of the Prophet are narrated in hadith books. We present about three hundred of those miracles in the part called the “Miracles of the Prophet”. We refer you to that part for details and say that a person who has so many obvious miracles is definitely the truest person. It is impossible for him to resort to lies, wrong things and tricks, which are committed by immoral people.
[1] al-Qamar, 54:1.
[2] al-Anfal, 8:17. al-Anfal, 8:17.

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