Number of Prophets

The first prophet is Hazrat Adam (pbuh) and the last prophet is Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). There were many prophets between them. Only some of the names and stories of them are mentioned in the Quran.5

Our Prophet stated in a narration that the number of the prophets that came before him was 124 thousand and in another narration 224 thousand.6

The number of the prophets mentioned in the Quran is 25. It is controversial whether three people are prophets or saints. Although there are so many prophets, only very few of them are known by people. Imam Rabbani explains the reason as follows: There were many prophets in India. However, some of them did not have any ummah. Or, very few people believed them and they did not become well-known. Or, they were not called prophets.7

The explanation of Imam Rabbani above clarifies the reason why many prophets were forgotten.

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