His Bravery is a proof of his (PBUH) prophethood.

Let us think a person who has a fabricated cause. When another person tries to murder him because of his lie and attempts to kill him with a weapon, that liar will give up his cause and want to save his life. He may even beg to be forgiven and disregard his honour as a liar.

Let us look at the trueness of the cause of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from the example given above. If the cause of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a fabricated one (God Forbid); would he exclaim his case even if the swords were on him and left alone at a time when his army scattered? Of course not. Many events in his (PBUH) life proved that his (PBUH) cause is right; there is no lie in the slightest degree. We will give an example here and for further explanation of the subject please refer to the part, “The Exemplary Ethics of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)” under the heading of “Brave.”

This is a famous event which has been conveyed to us from many authentic hadith resources. The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was having a rest away from His tribe during an expedition. A brave tribe chief who was called Ghawrath succeeded in approaching the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) without being seen. He shouted by holding up his sword over the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) “Who will save you from me?” The prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who woke up from sleep, answered him without feeling any hesitation, worry and fear, “Allah”. And then, he prayed as follows: “O my Allah! Save me from him with a thing as you wish” At that moment, Ghawrath tumbled down to the ground with a sudden strike on his back which came from nowhere. This time, the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) got the sword of Ghawrath, which he trusted on too much. Now it was his turn; he asked: “Now who will save you from me?”Ghawrath was regretful. He answered, “There is no one to save me!.. He asked for forgiveness. The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) forgave the man who tried to kill him just a few minutes ago and let him go. (1)


 [1] Bukhari, Jihad 84; Maghazi 31; Muslim, Fadail 13; Hakim, al-Mustadrak, 3/29.

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