What does “The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a mercy for all beings” mean?

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What does “The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a mercy for all beings” mean?
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The Holy Qur’an announces that The Prophet Muhammad came as a mercy for all beings. (Al-Anbiyaa Surah, 107) Just as rain is a bounty and is a reason for earth’s revival, likewise, The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) became and still becoming a reason for humanity’s spiritual revival. With the religion he brought, a majority of people became saved from idolatry, savagery, and primitiveness.

Let us have a look at a few events, which show his vast compassion and infinite mercy. For example:

Tufeyl Bin Amr came to the Prophet (PBUH) and said that his tribe rejected to convert to Islam and asked for a curse for his tribe. (The companions of the Prophet (PBUH) knew that if he cursed they would be perished eventually) The Prophet (PBUH) raised his hands and prayed for them as follows:

“O my Lord! Give them guidance, bring them to faith.”

A similar event happened for the tribe of Sakif. In the war, the archers of Sakif tribe caused great casualties for Muslims. Some of the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) said: “O The Prophet of Allah! We are overwhelmed by the arrows of the Sakif tribe.” They asked for a curse for them. Again, The Prophet (PBUH) raised his hands and prayed for them: “O my Lord! Give guidance to Sakif.”

Someone named Himar was an incorrigible alcoholic. He had been punished several times before. When there was a new punishment for him again, someone from the crowd cursed him. The Prophet (PBUH) intervened right away and said “Don’t you say so.” Instead cursing you must say “O Allah Almighty! Pity him, pardon his sins.” Verily what I know about him is he loves both Allah and His Messenger.”

Even those desirous to kill him enjoyed his vast compassion. For example:

While returning after an expedition, The Prophet Muhammad was having some rest under a tree; a primitive polytheist came near him with a sword in his hand. At that moment he would hit him, The Prophet (PBUH) opened his eyes. The polytheist said: “Now who will save you from me?” The Prophet (PBUH) quietly said, “Allah!” Then the polytheist stumbled as if he received a blow from the unseen and had his sword dropped. The Prophet (PBUH) got the sword and asked, “Who now will save you?” The polytheist said, “Nobody.” The Prophet (PBUH) said, “You can go, I forgive you,” then this person became Muslim.

Even animals enjoyed the fact that he is a prophet of mercy. For example:

While The Prophet (PBUH) and his companions were on their way on a campaign, they came across with a gazelle sleeping under a tree. The Prophet warned his companions about not to wake him up, they silently went on their way.

The Prophet announces that a woman will be inflicted upon Divine punishment. This woman locked a cat up somewhere. Neither did she herself give any food to it nor did she let it look for its own food. The cat finally died. The woman will be punished for that.

Some will be admitted into Paradise for a goodness he did for a dog. The Prophet (PBUH) stated that a person going through a desert was rather thirsty. He then came across a well. He went down and drank water to repletion. When he got out of the well, he saw a dog about to die whose tongue was hanging out of its mouth because of thirstiness. He took pity on it. He went down to the well again and brought water in his shoe and had the dog drink it. With this deed, he gained the pleasure of Allah Almighty.

Sadi Eren (Doç.Dr.), 03-4-2006

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