Now that Allah (SWT) created all of our actions, what is our fault?

Suppose that top floor of an apartment is full of bounties whereas basement is filled with the means of torture, and someone is in the elevator in this building. This person, who has already been told about the situation in the apartment, will receive many gifts if he hits the button for top floor and will be subjected to torture if he hits the button for basement.

Here, what will power only does is to make up its mind and decide which button to hit. As for elevator, it moves not through this persons power and will, but through some particular physical and mechanical laws. In other words, just as man does not go to the top floor with his own power, he does not go to the basement with his own power either. However, it is allowed for his will to determine where the elevator should go up or down.

All actions man makes can be evaluated by this criterion. For example, Allah Almighty declared that to go to pub is not permitted whereas to go to mosque is a virtuous act. The human body, with its will, is fit to determine where to go as in the example of elevator.

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