Miracles and laws of Nature

A) Are Laws of Nature Unchangeable?:

After creating the universe, God Almighty imposed some principles and universal laws to enable the events to take place based on a system and order.

Those laws are the customs of Allah that He carried out in His actions in the universe; they are called “adatullah” (customs of Allah) or “sunnatullah” (way of Allah).

However, people attribute those laws to Nature wrongly and name them as “Laws of Nature”. What they call as Laws of Nature are the laws imposed by God Almighty in the universe. That is, they are adatullah.57

For instance, the formation of a baby takes place as a result of the sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. It is a divine law and a general law of Allah. The formation of a child is possible at certain ages.

For instance, a woman who went through menopause cannot have a child. However, all of those laws are relative. They do not have external existence or powers of inventing and creating. It is Allah who imposed those laws. He carries out His acts in the universe under the veil of those laws.  

God Almighty could have created people without any fathers and mothers if He had wished. As a matter of fact, He created Hazrat Adam and Jesus like that. There were some occasions when the conditions and reasons for having a child did not exist but He endowed His sincere slaves with the power to have children. The birth of Hazrat Yahya (John) and Ishaq (Isaac) was like that... Then, the laws that God Almighty imposed in the universe are not unchangeable. It is possible for those laws to change through the wish and will of God Almighty and the necessity of His wisdom; and they have changed from time to time. (for instance, parthenogenesis seen in insects and frogs).

That kind of action of Allah is an exception in adatullah. They are exceptions to the general laws.

B)  Exceptions to the Laws, and Miracles:

Allah carries out His activities under the veil of some laws and reasons examples of which we have given above. Thus, with the system and order that those laws indicate, He shows his power, wisdom and the fact that no coincidence can intervene in His activities because system and order reject coincidence. They show an Organizer. It is highly probable that people will attribute the events that take place outside the system and order to coincidence. However, there appears a perfect system and order under the veil of laws. They indicate the existence of an Organizer who establishes and organizes the system in the universe. 

However, when laws continue in the same way, people start to become heedless due to monotony. They become used to the system and order and forget that they continue with the arrangement of God Almighty. Therefore, God Almighty sometimes breaks those monotonous laws and the veil of reasons with His power and carries out His activities contrary to the laws and reasons. He shows that He is the Owner of the system in the universe and that He could change it if He wished. It is called exceptions to the laws.58

With exceptions to the law, God Almighty shows His wish, His will and that he is the only Chooser and that His preference and will cannot be bound by restrictions. By breaking the monotonous veil of laws, he shows that everything needs Him at every moment and that everything obeys His Lordship. Thus, he eliminates the heedlessness and attracts the attention of the people from reasons to the Creator of the reasons. Thus, the miracles and wonders shown by prophets are all exceptions to the law. Through that miracle, God Almighty both confirms the cause of His Prophet and shows that the reasons are a veil and that He is the real Maker; He also shows that the monotony actually exists in order to ensure the system and order and that he could change it based on one of his beloved servants’ or His Messenger’s prayer if He wished.

Exceptions to the law appear in the form of miracles from prophets; sometimes they appear from saints, the beloved servants of Allah. Those extraordinary things that appear from His beloved saints are called ‘karamah’; God Almighty usually makes them appear without His servants knowing about them; sometimes they are aware of them. According to Ahl as-Sunnah belief, karamah is true.

57  You can find detailed information in “Tabiat Risalesi” written by Badiuzzaman related to the essence of nature and the Laws of nature

58  See  Sözler, 209.

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