May it lead to wrong interpretation of the phenomena to superficially evaluate them? How should the perfect activity going on in the Universe be seen and evaluated?

It may most often lead to false understanding and evaluation of the phenomena-taking place around us to see and take them superficially. When looked afar, mirage is seen as water in desert. When we look at the heavens, the sun is seen to be moving and the Earth to be staying still; however, in reality it is the Earth that moves and the sun that stays still. Just like that, as a star is seen as a candle light, there are untold truths that escape complete understanding when regarded afar.

Staying indifferent and not paying due attention to the divine truths also cause them to appear veiled. In a situation we define as unwariness, man cannot see the fine system, perfect order, complete accord, and the fascinating beauty that surround the Universe.

For example, he cannot understand that this Universe is maintained systematically with ease and in a precise accord just like a factory. He cannot reflect upon that the creatures lead their lives thanks to the air, that day and night, and seasons come one after another with purpose, that rain comes in drops not in buckets, and that dangerous sun lights are filtered in the atmosphere.

He cannot ponder on the artful creation of various trees from all the seeds, and on the purposeful creation of various creatures from all the sperms and eggs. He cannot realize that though thousands of leaves and flowers that are created repeatedly in every spring resemble one another in terms of form, they are different from each other with fine nuances.

He cannot comprehend the differences of animals in creation, their various feelings and organs, their systematic nourishment, their birth, development and death.

All in all, he cannot understand that the limitless power the reflections of which are seen in this world comes from a possessor of might and power, endless knowledge from a possessor of knowledge, the perfect order from an orderer, and prevailing performance, from a performer; all the beneficial sides of creatures from a possessor of wisdom.

One who superficially gazes at the Universe, which is the place of reflection of the names of God, cannot discern the divine purposes. He becomes ignorant of the existence and oneness, greatness and power of God. He cannot discover the real reasons of the entities and events in the Universe, and why they are created.

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