Is there no flaw in the universe? What are the criteria for a universe to work in perfect, incredible harmony?

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Is there no flaw in the universe? What are the criteria for a universe to work in perfect, incredible harmony?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

The criterion for something to be beautiful or ugly depends on whether it is perfect or not. The perfection of something depends on whether it serves its purpose of existence or not. Whether something serves its purpose of creation depends on whether its position seen from outside is regular or not. Whether or not something is regular is evaluated based on whether it pays attention to the rights of the mass in which it is located.

For example, the perfection of an eye is to see the beings – which is its purpose of creation. It can see beings if it acts in accordance with the laws of reflection of the sunlight that is available. Accordingly, an eye that sees beings indicates not only its own perfection but also the perfection of the sun, the atmosphere and the solar system. For, this system has to operate perfectly for the eye to be able to see properly. Along with having elastic flexibility in the face of light, it is necessary for the light waves, light refraction laws, the visual frequencies of light to be well adjusted so that seeing will take place.

Likewise, the perfection of an ear depends on hearing sounds, which is its purpose of creation. Along with being created in the existing system, it is necessary for the ear to have a frequency that will enable it to hear sounds. Since the existing system serves this purpose, it means a perfect system is operating.

For example, but for the law of gravity, we would not only face a danger of being thrown into space but also be unable to swallow even a bite of bread. In other words, the proper functioning of our internal system depends on the existence of this law of gravity and, of course, on Allah, who created it. This is perfection. All the elements and systems of the universe have been working in the same perfection for billions of years. Otherwise, Doomsday would have struck so many times.

Things like beauty and ugliness, perfection and deficiency have two aspects. The first is the state that exists in their own beings. The second is the position they take according to others.

When we look at the universe from the viewpoint of the above-mentioned criteria, we will see that it is a perfect and flawlessly functioning system. The greatest witness of it is the facts that were discovered by the current exact sciences as a result of long-term researches. As Imam Ghazali summarizes, the judgment that each of the current sciences made as a result of wonderful research is as follows:

“There cannot be anything more beautiful and more perfect than the existing order and the system.”

As it is stated in the question, whether a view is ugly or beautiful is something relative depending on the viewpoint of people. A person who is sad will see everyone, even the whole world, as if they are crying, and a person who is happy will see everyone, even all beings, happy.

Beauty is essential in the universe. Some of the things seen as ugly are interspersed in other beings to show the beauty of those beautiful things; therefore, they are regarded as relatively beautiful. The number of them in the ontological mechanism is very few. For example, the movement of a comet with zigzags can be seen as ugly. However, this movement does not only contribute to the understanding of the beauty of millions of celestial bodies moving properly but also shows the very good maneuverability that exists in comets that zigzag.

Likewise, people who look at the digestive system of humans superficially may regard the folds and meanders there as irregularities. However, those who have a good command of biology know it very well that this is not the case.

“With Him are the keys of the unseen, the treasures that none knoweth but He. He knoweth whatever there is on the earth and in the sea. Not a leaf doth fall but with His knowledge: there is not a grain in the darkness (or depths) of the earth, nor anything fresh or dry (green or withered), but is (inscribed) in a record clear (to those who can read).”(al-Anam, 6/ 59)

The verse above indicates that the arrangement and design of everything are done by Allah’s knowledge and wisdom and hence everything is beautiful and perfect.

“Mischief has appeared on land and sea because of (the meed) that the hands of men have earned.”(ar-Rum, 30/41)

It is emphasized in the verse above that the greatest cause of the negativities seen on the earth is human beings. This fact, which was emphasized by that verse fifteen centuries ago, is accepted by experts today and people have started to take action against this heedlessness.

In conclusion, we can say that the whole universe reads the following verses with their tongue of disposition and make the beings who have consciousness read them: 

“He Who created the seven heavens one above another: No want of proportion wilt thou see in the Creation of (Allah) Most Gracious. So turn thy vision again: seest thou any flaw? Again turn thy vision a second time: (thy) vision will come back to thee dull and discomfited, in a state worn out.”(al-Mulk, 67/3-4)

May our Lord enable us to read them too! Amin.

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