Is it religiously permissible for a Muslim to live in a non-Muslim country?

For Muslims living in a non-Muslim country to be religiously permissible, one should fulfill his/her religious responsibilities and keep ones self from non-Muslim customs and practices. If he/she can live Islamic accepted customs freely, perform stated prayers and obligations easily; it also sets a good example for his/her environment and shows the beauties of Islam. Under these circumstances, his/her staying there should maintain in order to be a good example for non-Muslims. In addition, it is religiously permissible.

When Imam Ramli was once asked about the Muslims living in Argon in Spain under the authority of Christians, as if they should have emigrated from there, he answered as, Their emigration is not religiously permissible if they can perform their stated prayers and duties completely. Moreover, they can possibly lead people to become Muslims by setting a good example.

As it is understood from the example, Muslims showing the beauties of Islam by living it sets a good example for non-believers.

As it is known before conquering Istanbul, it had been established a Muslim neighborhood near Hagia Sofia, and these Muslims played a major role for the surrender of Byzantium.

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