Is Islam a religion of fear?

There may be some wrong religions that are based on fear but it is wrong to say that all religions are based on fear. Especially those who regard the religion of Islam as a religion of fear are wrong. The Quran gives good news and warnings. The warnings do not aim to frighten people; on the contrary, they aim to protect people from making mistakes. To inform people about the dangers that they may confront aims to warn them to take measures; it does not aim to frighten them.  

Islam mentions not only Hell but also Paradise. Before the advent of Islam, people used to live away from the belief of resurrection; they used to believe that they would go to non-existence after death. Islam eliminated this belief and gave believers the good news that they would go to Paradise. As a matter of fact, the following hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) is a good example of it:

"Make it easy, do not make it hard; give good tidings, do not alienate." (Bukhari, 3/72.)

The religion of Islam is a helping hand of the Creator to human beings and knowledge of the truth aiming to make them happy in the world and attain salvation in the hereafter. We know our Creator and ourselves thanks to Islam; we also understand the ultimate goal of existence and attain peace and tranquility in our inner and outer world thanks to it. All of the prophets from Hz. Adam to Hz. Noah, from Hz. Abraham to Hz. Moses, from Hz. Jesus to Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) were the messengers and guides of this call to peace, love and salvation.

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