How can we reply those to who claim that religion is fear?

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How can we reply those to who claim that religion is fear?
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There can be some void and null religions that are based on fear, but it would be misleading to ground all of the religions on the base of fear.  Especially, those who consider Islam, the unique true religion, to be a religion of fear are in a great illusion. The Quran both gives good news and warns people. The warnings are given in order to protect humans from falling into mistakes and faults, not to give fear. To notify humans of the would-be dangers is a warning aiming to make them take necessary measures, not to give fear. 

Islam mentions not only Hell but also Paradise. Before the advent of Islam, the humanity was far away from belief of the hereafter and believed that there was no life after the death. Islam has brought this belief to an end and heralded Paradise after the death.  Hence, this hadith of  Holy Prophet’s is a good example:

“Makethings easy for the people, and do not make it difficult for them, and make them calm (with glad tidings) and do not repulse (them)." (Bukhari, 3/72.)

The religion of Islam is a hand of help given to man by God Almighty in order to make him attain the happiness in this worldly life and endless bliss in the hereafter and is knowledge of the truth to which He invites.  Thanks to it, we, can recognize ourselves and our Creator, and grasp the ultimate meaning of the existence; we can achieve peace and tranquility both in our inner realm and outside. All of the apostles and the messengers from Adam to Noah, from Abraham to Moses from Jesus Christ to Muhammad, became envoys and guides of this call to peace, love and salvation.

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