Are Christianity and Judaism true religions today? Or, are they away from being true religions due to the changes they underwent in the course of time?

The Fundamentals of the True Religion and Main Religions

The true religion is a law of Allah and it is a holy collection of some sound decrees. Allah sent it as a grace and grant to human beings through His prophets. This law leads man to what is good. As long as human beings obey the orders of Allah's law through their will and desire, they will be on the true path and attain guidance. They will attain happiness and salvation both in the world and the hereafter. 

Religions are mainly divided into three:

The first one is true religions. They are the religions that comply with the description above.They are the religions established by Allah and sent to human beings through prophets. They are also called "divine and heavenly" religions.

All of the heavenly religions are essentially the same. However, there are some differences among them in terms of some worship and legal rules. 

All of the religions that were conveyed to human beings by prophets from Hz. Adam to Hz. Jesus were essentially the same; they were based on belief in one god, Allah; however, they were distorted later and their origins got lost. Allah sent His last and greatest prophet, Hz. Muhammad (pbuh), as a prophet to the whole mankind. He sent the last and perfect true religion, Islam, to people through Hz. Muhammad (pbuh). Today, the only true religion that exists and will exist until Doomsday is the religion of Islam.   

The second one is the religions whose origins were distorted and changed.As it is stated above, they were originally true religions but they were distorted afterwards and lost their divine properties; for instance, Christianity and Judaism. They are no longer true religions because some of their principles were distorted.

The third one is wrong religions. They are the religions whose origins have no relation with the true religion. They are religions that were made up by some nations. There may be some reasonable decrees in them but they are not divine religions in terms of their origins; therefore, they have no holy properties. The religions of the nations that worship fire, stars and idols are like that.

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