How many types of religions are there?

Islamic scholars divide religions into two:

1. True religions.

2. False religions.

The religions that are based on belief in one Allah and that command worshipping only Him are called True religions.

True religions are religions sent by Allah. Therefore, they are also called heavenly religions. True religions are also called Oneness religions because they are based on the belief in oneness of Allah and worshipping only Him.

The beliefs and ideas that were not sent by Allah, that were made up by humans, that are not based on belief in only one Allah are called False religions.

Some superstitions and wrong beliefs that were not present in the original of the religion were incorporated into true religions afterwards by humans. The religions that were changed afterwards although they were true in original are called Falsified religions.

Falsified religions are religions that were true religions in the beginning but whose original states were spoiled due to the incorporation of some superstitions and ideas that are contrary to oneness.

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