Will the majority be in Hell? This is understood from the verses of the Quran and hadiths...

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Will the majority be in Hell? This is understood from the verses of the Quran and hadiths...
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First of all, we should say that people are severely warnedin the verses of the Quran and hadiths. These warnings aim to make people avoid sins, increase their degree and attain high ranks in the eternal life. Otherwise, they do not aim to make people desolate and harm them. Therefore, we should understand it well, regard these warnings as a means of attaining perfection and avoid sins.

The name Hell frighten people a lot. In fact, it should do so. However, we do not know who will go to Hell and who will go to Paradise. Therefore, we need to be alert.

A Muslim should be in the state of hope and fear. In the Quran, the verses of encouragement are more than the verses of threat. Besides, the mercy of Allah Almighty is more than His wrath.

To be between hope and fear is a balance that is necessary for everybody. For, no matter how good Muslims we are, it is possible to die without belief and go to Hell. No matter how many sins a person commits, Allah Almighty might make him repent, die as a believer and send him to Paradise.

The following is narrated from Hz. Abu Bakr:

"If I hear a sound from the sky saying, 'Everybody will go to Paradise and only one person will go to Hell', I will fear that I might be that person. If it says, ''Everybody will go to Hell and only one person will go to Paradise', I will hope that I might be that person."

The belief of a Muslim needs to be between "fear and hope". Nobody, including the Prophet, can be sure that he will be saved from the torture of Allah. They hope to go to Paradise by taking refuge in His mercy from His wrath and in His pardoning from His torture. We need to maintain this balance. We should worship properly and hope that Allah Almighty will include us among the people of Paradise.

Since life in the hereafter has not started yet, we cannot know how many people will be in Hell and how many will be in Paradise. Besides, it is not appropriate to think of Hell as sheer evil. Hell is better than non-existence. Since it is not possible to understand the states of the hereafter fully with the standards of the world, man needs to do his duty and should not try to do anything regarding the issues that are beyond his scope. He should not doubt about the mercy of Allah toward His slaves and should not propose more mercy than Him.

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