How should we understand the sentence The guidance (hidayah) is from Allah?

Since the good and the evil come from Allah, it is He who leads people to hidayah (the right way, guidance) and leads to dalalah (misguidance, the wrong way). People can just be reasons for hidayah and dalalah. Some people misunderstand that God Almighty created the right way and the wrong way. They say, The right way is led only by Allah; if he does not demand no one can be good. By saying so, they close the way of warning and guiding people and try to find excuses for their mistakes.

Let me tell you this first: It is right that God Almighty can lead anyone he wishes to the right way. It is He who leads people to the right way and who leads them to the wrong way. However, His creation of dalalah is because of that servants misusing his partial free will. If the man does not use his partial free will in a bad way, God does not lead him to dalalah. The same thing is valid for hidayah. It is just like a person who does what he can do to obtain his food and waits for the results from Allah. He is the Razzaq (Provider of the food).

When a person does everything he can do to obtain food, he cannot consider that he will definitely get what he wants. It is similar to that example; when a person tells someone about the demands and prohibitions of Allah properly, he just cannot be sure for the results. It is He who is Hadi (leading to the right way). His showing the right way to a person whom He wishes means leading someone who obeys the rules of getting hidayah into the right way. That does not mean that it is unnecessary to observe any reasons for hidayah. That opinion reminds the example of food; hoping for crops without planting anything beforehand.

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