How can we have life level of soul and heart? How can a man get the maximum revelation of a name (of Allah)?

As it is known, man has plant, animal, and human life. His growth is similar to plants and his need of nutrition and salacity are signs of animal life. His ability of thinking worshipping, believing, god-fearing behaviors, his good deeds, virtues exposes his human side. Nutrition, development, and maturation of soul and heart become real in this side. Man who spends his lifetime in this side has actually reached the life level of soul and heart.
And there is an event in which the soul prevails over the body. This is a high honor that great people can get. Actions of people having this level happen at the speed of souls with the expression of Said Nursi. This is reaching the highest life level of heart and soul.
Answer of the second part of the question:
If a person wants to get a divine name, he must strive as possible as he can in this part, train his self, and mature his soul. For example if he wants revelation of the name the All-knowing, he must study for religious knowledge. If he wants revelation of The Generous in advanced level, he must give people generously. If he wants revelation of The Ever Forgiving, he must take forgiving other people as a principle.

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