A Fruit of the Black Mulberry: Looking into death and hereafter in the light of the Qur'an.


[The Old Said spoke this with the tongue of the New Said
under the blessed mulberry tree.]

The one I’m addressing isn’t Ziya Pasha, it’s those enamoured of Europe.

The one speaking isn’t my soul, it’s my heart in the name of the students of the Qur’an.

* * *

The previous words are all truth; beware, don’t lose course, don’t exceed their bounds!

Don’t heed the ideas of Europe and deviate, or they’ll make you regret it!

* * *

You see the most enlightened of them, in brilliance their standard-bearer,

Exclaim in bewilderment: Of whom, to whom can I complain?

* * *

The Qur’an says, and I say too – I won’t hold back:

I lodge my complaint with Him. I’m not confused, like you.

* * *

I cry out to the Allah; I don’t slip away, like you.

I shout my cause from the ground to the skies; I don’t flee, like you.

* * *

For all the Qur’an’s cause is light upon light; I don’t renege, like you.

In the Qur’an is truth and wisdom; I’ll prove it. I count as nothing hostile philosophy.

* * *

In the Criterion are diamond truths; I take them to myself, not sell them, like you.

I journey from creation to Creator; I don’t lose the way, like you.

* * *

I pass over thorny paths, I don’t tread on them, like you.

From the earth to the Throne, I offer thanks; I don’t neglect it, like you.

* * *

I look on death and the appointed hour as a friend; I am not frightened, like you.

I’ll enter the grave smiling, not trembling, like you.

* * *

I don’t see it as a monster’s mouth, a beast’s lair, descending to nothingness,

like you.

It joins me with my friends; I’m not vexed at the grave, like you.

* * *

It’s the door of Mercy, gate of Light, portal of Truth; I am not discomforted by it;

I won’t retreat.

Saying: In the Name of Allah, I’ll knock on it. (1) I’ll not look behind me nor feel terror.

* * *

Saying: All Praise be to Allah!, I’ll lay down and find ease. I’ll suffer no trouble

nor remain solitary.

Saying, Allah is Most Great!, I’ll hear the Call to the Resurrection and rise up, (2)

I won’t hang back from the Great Gathering, or the Mighty Mosque.

* * *

I’ll feel no distress, thanks to Divine favour, the Qur’an’s light,

and the effulgence of belief;

Not stopping, I’ll hasten, fly, to the shade of the Most Merciful’s Throne.

Allah willing, I won’t go astray, like you.

*  *  *

(1) I won’t exclaim: ‘Alas!’, and flee.

(2) I’ll hear the Call of Israfil on the dawn of the Resurrection, and declaring, ‘Allah is Most Great!’, shall rise up. I won’t hold back from the Great Gathering and Congress of Prayers.

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