Fourth: The answer given to those who claim that Islam can be strengthened through nationalism.


The destructive innovators are of two kinds:

The First Kind, as though on account of religion and in the name of loyality to Islam, as though to strengthen religion with nationalism, say:

"We want to plant the luminous tree of religion, which has weak, in the earth nationalism, and so to strengthen it." They show themselves as supporting religion.

The Second Sort, in the name of the nation and on account of nationalism, in order to strengthen racialism, say: "We want to graft Islam onto the nation," thus creating innovations.

To the First Sort, we say: O unhappy 'bad scholars of religion' who confirm the title 'loyal fools,' or ecstatic, unthinking, ignorant Sufis! The Tuba-tree of Islam, whose roots are founded inthe reality of the universe and branchers spread through of the universe, cannot be planted  in the earth of imaginary, temporary, partial, particular, negative, indeed,baseless,rancorous, tyrannical, and dark racialism! To try to do so is to attempt something foolish, destructive, and innovative.

To the Second Sort of nationalists, we say this: O you drunken pseudo-patriots! Perhaps the previous century could have been the age of nationalism. This century is not the age of racialism! Communism and socialism occupy all matters, destroying the idea of racialism. The age of racialism is passing. Eternal and permanent Islamic nationalism cannot be bound onto temporary unstable racialism and grafted onto it. And even if it was to be just as it would corrupt the Islamic nation, so it would not reform racialist nationalism. Yes, there appears to be a pleasure and temporary strength in a temporary graft, but it is very temporary and the consequence are dangerous.

Furthermore, it would open up a split in the Turkish people that could not be healed in all eternity. Then the nation's strength would be reduced to nothing, since one section would have destroyed the strength of the other. If two mountains are placed in the two pans of some scales, a few pounds weight can move the two, raising one, and lowering the other.

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