Sixth Matter: It addresses those who go to excess in negative nationalism and mentions the importance of the patriotism of Islam.


To those who exceed the bounds in ideas of negative nationalism and racialism we say this:

F i r s t l y : The face of the world and especially this country of ours has since ancient times seen numerous migrations and changes of population. In addition, after the centre of Islamic rule was set up in this country, other peoples were drawn to it, and settled here. As a consequence, only when the Preserved Tablet is revealed will the races truly be distinguished from each other. To construct movements and patriotism on the idea of true race is both meaningless and extremely harmful. It is for this reason that one of the leaders of the nationalists and those who support racialism, who is very neglectful toward religion, was compelled to say: “If language and religion are the same, the nation is the same.” Since that is so, what will be taken into consideration will be relations of language, religion, and country, not true race. If the three are the same, that certainly is a strong nation. And if one is absent, it is still within the bounds of nationalism.

S e c o n d l y : I shall describe as examples, two of the hundreds of advantages the sacred nationhood of Islam has gained for the social life of the sons of this land:

T h e F i r s t : What enabled this Islamic state, while only numbering twenty or thirty million, to preserve its life and existence in the face of all the large states of Europe was the following idea in its army, which arose from the light of the Qur’an: “If I die, I shall be a martyr; and if I kill, I shall be a ghazi.” They met death with complete eagerness and longing, laughing in its face. They always made Europe tremble. What in the world can be shown that will give rise to such elevated self-sacrifice in the spirit of a simple-hearted soldier? What patriotism can be instilled in its place? What can make him willingly sacrifice his life and all his world?

T h e S e c o n d : Whenever the dragons (large states) of Europe have dealt a blow at this Islamic state, they have made three hundred and fifty million Muslims weep and cry out. So in order not to make them weep and suffer, those colonialists have drawn back their hands; they have lowered them, even while raising them to strike. What power can be established in place of this constant moral support which in no way may be belittled? Let them show it! Yes, that huge moral strength must not be offended by negative nationalism and independent patriotism.

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