Third Question: What was the wisdom behind the cruel treatment to Ahl al-Bayt?


What was the wisdom in the tragic and cruel treatment those blessed persons received?

T h e A n s w e r : As explained above, there were three basic reasons for the pitiless cruelty of Husayn’s opponents during Umayyad rule:

One was the pitiless principle of politics: “Individuals may be sacrificed for the welfare of the government and preservation of public order.”

The Second was the cruel rule of nationalism, “Everything may be sacrificed for the well-being of the nation,” since their rule was based on racialism and nationalism.

The Third: The traditional vein of rivalry of the Umayyads towards the Hashimites was found in some people like Yazid, and he displayed a merciless ability to be cruel.

A Fourth Reason: The Umayyads, taking Arab nationalism as the basis of their rule, looked on the members of other nations -who were found among Husayn’s supporters- as slaves, and had wounded their national pride. So, since the other nations had joined Husayn’s community with mixed intentions and to take revenge, they excessively affronted the Umayyad’s fanatic nationalism and were the cause of the extremely cruel and pitiless well-known tragedy.

The four reasons mentioned above are outward and apparent. When it is considered from the point of view of Divine Determining, the results pertaining to the hereafter and the spiritual rule and spiritual progress that the tradegy gained for Hadhrat Husayn and his relatives were of such high worth that the distress they suffered due to it became extremely easy and cheap. Like if a soldier dies after an hour’s torture and becomes a martyr, he attains such a rank that another could reach it only if he strove for ten years. If the soldier was to be asked after he had died, he would reply that he had gained much for very little.

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