The Expedition of Sons of Lihyan

(5th year of The Migration, the beginning of the month of Rabiulawwal)

The tribe of Sons of Lihyan had martyred about forty (or seventy) Muslim guides and teachers near the place called Bi’r al-Mauna in 4th year of the Migration. The people that surrounded the group of Muslims sent as guides and teachers to the place called Raji’ and martyred several of them also belonged to that tribe.[1]

The Prophet appointed Abdullah b. Umm Mak­tum as his deputy in Madinah and set off with a group of two hundred soldiers in order to punish that tribe. The Prophet wanted to take Sons of Lihyan by surprise. Therefore, he pretended to go toward Damascus. Then, he changed his route and headed for the valley of Ghuran, one of the places where Sons of Lihyan settled. Asim b. Thabit and the other Muslim teachers and guides had been martyred there. The Prophet asked mercy for them and prayed for them.[2]

Sons of Lihyan had heard the Prophet was coming; thus, they took refuge on the mountain. Nobody was caught.

Then, the Prophet reached the place called Usfan. It was near Makkah. The aim of the Prophet was to make Makkans understand that he was there. As a matter of fact, Makkans heard about it and got very afraid. The Messenger of God returned to Madinah fourteen nights later.[3]


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