The Delegation of the Tribe of Thaqif Comes to Madinah

(The month of Ramadan, 9. Year of the Migration)

Urwa b. Mas’ud was one of the most popular leaders of the Thaqif tribe. He had come to Madinah after the conquest of Makkah in the 9th year of the Migration. Then, he asked permission from the Prophet to return and invite his tribe to Islam. When he received the permission, he returned to Taif and invited his tribe to Islam. However, he was thrown arrows by the people of Thaqif and was martyred.[1]

When the Prophet heard that Urwa had been martyred, he said, “Ur­wa invited his tribe to Islam like the person of Yasin[2] and he was martyred.”[3]

The People of Thaqif is Under Pressure

After this incident of martyrdom, the Prophet increased the pursuit of the people of Thaqif. He appointed Malik b. Awf, the leader of Hawazins, to follow them. Malik put the people of Thaqif under so much pressure that they could not exit their castle for some time. 

As a matter of fact, this pursuit became effective soon. The people of Thaqif realized that they would not be able to live peacefully as long as they lived as polytheists. 

Realizing that they would live peacefully only if they became Muslims, the people of Thaqif sent a delegation to the Prophet in Madinah in the month of Ramadan in the 9th year of the Migration.[4]

Putting up Tents

The Prophet had tents built up next to the mosque so that this delegation could hear the Quran recited by Muslims and see their prayers in congregation in awe and peace.[5] He took care of them continually, talked to them and told them about Islam.

Somebody Learning the Quran Secretly

Uthman b. Abi’l-As was the youngest person in the delegation.

When his friends went to their tents, he went to the Prophet, listened to his religious talks and learnt to read the Quran without informing his friends about it. When he could not find the Messenger of God, he learned from Hazrat Abu Bakr.

When the delegation talked to the Prophet and became Muslims, Uthman b. Abi’l-As had learnt to read the Quran and had memorized some parts of it. When they asked the Prophet to send them an imam to lead the prayers, the Prophet appointed this young man as their imam.[6]

The Delegation of Thaqif Returns to their Land

After staying in Madinah for a while, the delegation of Thaqif led by Abdi Yalil became Muslims and left Madinah to go to their land. When they told the people of Thaqif what had happened, all of the people of Thaqif became Muslims.[7]

The Idol of Lat is Demolished

The people of Thaqif did not want to demolish their idol, Lat, themselves. So, the Prophet sent Abu Sufyan b. Harb and Mughira b. Shu’ba in order to demolish it.[8]

Abu Sufyan, who used to bow down before Lat and Uzza, was going to demolish Lat now because the idol of polytheism in his heart was demolished and the pure and clean flag of oneness was put there. Therefore, he went there without hesitation.

Abu Sufyan and Mughira b. Shu’ba went to Taif and broke the idol, Lat, into pieces.[9]

After Lat, the idol of Sons of Thaqif, was broken into pieces thanks to the light of oneness, Arabia was cleaned from the idols and idol-houses. Now, all of the roads started to lead to the realm of oneness and all of the hearts became connected to that realm.


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