The Expedition of Dumatu’l-Jandal

(5th Year of the Migration, the month of Rabiulawwal / AD 626)

A few Arab tribes started to gather in a place called Dumatul-Jandal, which was fifteen nights away from Madinah and which was a town of Damascus, and disturb the travelers by harassing them. Besides, they were making preparations to attack Madinah, the capital city of the Islamic state.[1]

The Prophet was informed about the situation. He set off with an army of one thousand people. The Prophet generally preferred walking against the enemy and attack them in the place where they settled. When the army arrived at the place called Dumatul-Jandal, there was nobody around. When the enemy heard that the Islamic army was walking against them, they ran away. They saw only one person; he embraced Islam when he was asked to be a Muslim.[2]

The Messenger of God stayed for a few nights there and waited for the enemy. Then, he returned to Madinah.


[1]Ibn Sa’d, Tabaqat, Vol. 2, p. 62.

[2]Ibn Sa’d, ibid, Vol. 2, p. 62.

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