Botanists, biologists, and other scientists are unable to say much about the origin of life. How can we see the issue in terms religion?

Many scientists have long been making researches about the origin of life. They reach a certain point and come to a stop there. They have a stereotypical excuse: science has not yet reached beyond this point. They adhere to it whenever they fail to explain something. In our opinion, those people make a methodological mistake.

They research the past in order to find the origin of life and they stop when they encounter inanimate things. They have no option but to wait when they cannot succeed in relating them with life. As a matter of fact, they had better not stop but keep on advancing their search at that stage. They will be able to find out the starting point of life if they set life aside and investigate the root of that lifeless thing.

This universe and that what it contains consist of more than a hundred elements; their common point is that they are inanimate. Each of these elements has a different feature. Should they happen to ask themselves the question who attached these attributes to those beings and why here, they can reach the source of the question.

One of the aspects of the inanimate being is that they cannot move. Another is that they cannot think or grow. Moreover, they can neither feel nor understand. Diverse beings came into existence through the coming together of these defective elements. One of them became a mountain, another turned into a stone. One became water, another became air. One became a star and another the sun. One of them turned out to be the moon and the other became the earth.

None of these beings interchanged anything with each other. As a result, it had not been known for a long time which one served which purpose?

They say let us skip the fields that science is unable to discover; just then, plants were created. Thus, the universe gained a meaning in a sense. Shining of the sun, revolving of the world became meaningful. The night, daytime, earth, air, atmosphere all found a meaning in that they became servants to plants.

However, the plants themselves did not assume a meaning. It went on to be mysterious for the angels and spirit beings why they had these or those characteristics. Then, the animals were created. Besides more than one million plant species, as many animals as plants came to the world. Each sat down to its own meal. Though these animals are common in that they all eat and drink, they have various characteristics. These talents are not merely for eating. Neither is the force of the ox for picking up the grass nor the speed of horse is for catching it. They and so many things like them are calling our attention to a different truth. There must be a different creature to whom these animals can be servants. In the end, man was created. The main goal in creation of each animal was to be a servant to man, beyond finding their own meal. It became obvious on the earth that they were created for man.

After reaching that conclusion, when we immediately start to study the elements, we see the truth that there is a close relation between those so many diverse needs of man and the difference of elements. Who set up this connection? Why did each of these elements take completely a different form such as iron, copper, nitrogen, carbon and so forth?

There must be a being giving different features to those lifeless and ignorant elements and arranging them in accordance with life. The source of life comes only from His Mercy, His Wisdom, His act of restoring to life, and His act of giving sustenance.

These realities must firstly be accepted so that the studies about how the first animate being was created can have a meaning. Otherwise, nothing can be done but waste time, keep people busy in vain, or divert them.

While Allah, the Sustainer of All of the Worlds gave plants only the ability to grow and develop, He granted animals feelings and bestowed heart, reason, conscience, memory and so many similar blessings on man. In the end, mans life became the most brilliant mirror to the Allahs name of the Living One.

The feature of Life that it is the most important aim of the universe, its greatest result, its most brilliant light, its subtlest leaven, its distilled essence, its most perfect fruit, its most elevated perfection and its finest beauty is best observed with its most perfection and beauty in the human life.

Is it possible to regard that matter can possess the miracle of life that is combined with attributes, talents, forces and feelings or to explain it by the evolution of inanimate elements?

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