Atmosphere, the Protective Roof

The atmosphere is a gas ocean that has been formed by various gases and that is harder than rock; it is 1000 km above the ground level. One of its duties is to prevent rays that may be harmful for living creatures and not to let them come down to the earth. When we consider non-living gases as the doer of this sapient act, we will have to accept the following wrong ideas:   

1- The atmosphere must know the body structure of living creatures in order to know which rays of the sun are harmful for them. Of course, it must know the creatures so that it can distinguish what is harmful from what is useful for them. And this is only possible by having a pervasive knowledge.

2- It is not enough to know the living creatures. It must also know the rays of the sun. For, distinguishing the harmful from the useful and sending them with a certain amount is only possible by knowing those rays. In order to do this, it must have every kind of tools and even an advanced laboratory so that it can distinguish between the harmful and the useful and know which ray and what amount is necessary to be sent. This would require the atmosphere to have attributes such as knowledge, wisdom, will and power.

3- Suppose that it knows the bodies of living beings with its knowledge and measures the rays of the sun with its tools. Not sending the harmful rays of the sun is a sign of compassion and mercy. However, those non living and unconscious particles cannot have such mercy.

So, denying God means to accept the existence of an atmosphere that has knowledge, wisdom and mercy.

However, God Almighty who creates the canopy of heaven as a protective shield for the continuation of life on earth states the following in verse 32 of the Surah of al-Anbiya:

“And We have made the heavens as a canopy well-guarded: Yet do they turn away from the Signs which these things (point to)!”

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