3- Making people imagine ugly visions

Making people imagine ugly visions

Making people imagine forbidden and ugly visions

Delusion in the form of making people imagine forbidden and ugly visions

When meanings come out of the heart, they enter imagination nakedly, freed from figure and shape; they put on the shapes there. That is, the place where the meanings that come to man put on shapes is the imagination not the heart. Imagination always produces shapes based on a reason. It sews clothes for meanings. However, it leaves the shapes of the things it gives importance on the way. Any meaning that comes out of the heart nakedly and goes to the imagination puts on the shapes left on the way or the imagination makes it put them on, attach or cover.  

If the meanings are clear and decent and the shapes on the way are dirty and disgraceful, no wearing is in question but there is contact. However, a person with delusion confuses touching with wearing. He says, "My heart is so spoilt; this disgrace will make me expelled from the presence of Allah." Satan makes use of this property of his a lot.

The way of getting rid of this delusion

The salve to heal this wound is as follows: The dirty things in your body do not harm your outer cleanliness, which is a necessary condition for performing prayers. Similarly, the closeness of holy meanings to ugly shapes is not harmful. Suppose that you are meditating on the verses of the Quran; suddenly, something like an illness, desire or something that excites you like lust touches your feelings. 

Your imagination will definitely produce the visions related to the remedy to the illness, the thing that you desire or the visions related to the lust; and it will see them. It will produce mean and ugly shapes related to them. The lofty and clean meanings coming from your heart will pass through them. These meanings are not harmed, touched or endangered by them. However, the danger is to think that they are harmed and to try to get rid of these ugly visions.

Yes, when man looks at the divine truths with his heart and mind, especially during performing prayers and worshipping, very bad, dirty and ugly delusions and memories sent by Satan and the soul attack the heart and the mind like flies. A person who tries to expel these ugly things is defeated by those delusions. In fact, the way of defeating and expelling them is to stop defending and to ignore them.

Yes, when you strive against bees, they will increase their attacks. If you do not disturb them, they will leave. If a person looks at the sun and the stars in the sky, the roses and flowers of a garden through a hole in a dirty room, the dirt in the hole will not touch the person who looks and the objects that are watched. Similarly, when the divine truths are looked at through the holes of the room of the imagination, the dirt in the holes will not harm the person who looks and the things that are watched.

We have learnt the following:

1- Meanings come out of the heart nakedly. Pictures are produced in the imagination not in the heart. 

2- The imagination leaves some of the pictures it produces on the way due to some reasons. It is not possible to prevent it. Man is not held responsible for the pictures on the way.

3- Holy meanings pass through or near the pictures on the way while going to the imagination to put on shapes. The naked meaning and the picture on the way are shown in the mirror of the brain at the same time. This shape does not belong to the holy meaning; so, it is not harmful. However, those who do not know this fact blame their souls and think that they are harmed.

4- Only when a person thinks he is harmed, is he harmed. This is what Satan wants. For, Satan has made him hopeless and has closed the door of standing in the presence of Allah and meditating the holy meanings. 

These explanations are sufficient for the issue.

We hope this explanation will be a cure for the hearts wounded by this kind of delusion; now we will deal with another kind of doubt and the way of getting rid of it.

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