13- Why did Allah inflict delusion upon believers? Why was delusion sent to man as a trouble?

Why did Allah inflict delusion upon believers?

Why was delusion sent to man as a trouble?

In our work called Delusion and Ways of Getting Rid of it, we have mentioned many delusions of Satan and ways of getting rid of these delusions up to now. The following question may come to the mind here: 

“Why was delusion, which harms believers so much and disturbs them, was sent to man as a trouble?”

The answer to this question is as follows: “In fact, delusion is a means of staying alert. It, calls man to search and to be earnest unless it goes to extremes and overcomes man. It eliminates the unconcern and indifference in man. 

A person starts to search and learn the truths with the stimulation of delusion.

That is, delusion is a good friend; it leads man to knowledge, research and solemnity. Therefore, Allah, who has wisdom, gave delusion to Satan's hand as a whip of encouragement for us in this world of testing. And Satan hits man on the head with it.    

Besides, it should not be forgotten that it is necessary for a patient to take certain medicine regularly for a certain period in order to get rid of his illness. Similarly, a person who suffers from delusion needs to take the medicine presented in this work for a certain period of time; that is, he needs to read this work until he learns the nature of delusion and the ways of getting rid of it.As these chapters are read again, the nature of delusion and the ways of getting rid of it will be understood better and it will be possible to get rid of it forever.   

We should not forget that our salvation from delusion is not enough. Thank Allah we have been saved from the illness of delusion by watching these videos as a grace of Allah. What about hundreds of thousands of people who cannot access them? For, there are thousands of people whose hearts have been wounded by delusion and who seek remedy by moving away from Allah. Our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, relatives, friends and hundreds of thousands of Muslim brothers have been wounded by this illness, which they think cannot be treated. However, as you have witnessed, it is very easy to get rid of these delusions if the nature of the delusion is discovered. However, it is very difficult for a person to discover it on his own. 

Then, for the sake of Allah, let us help our brothers who have been wounded by delusion. If it is possible to tell them about all of the truths in this work let us try to tell them. If it is not possible, let us inform them about this work and recommend it to them. 

We have reached you. You can reach others or help us reach others. We should spread these truths to other people so that wounded hearts will be healed. How happy is he who takes a step for this holy service!

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