Is zakah paid for the money that has been inherited?

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First of all, we should state that a person who did not pay zakah though it was due and died, he is held responsible for zakah according to the majority of scholars. (Ibn Rushd, Bidayatul-Mujtahid, 1/307)

Therefore, if some property whose zakah has not been paid is left to the heirs, they must first pay the zakah debt of the deceased person and then share the remaining inheritance.

In addition, with the death of a person, the property passes to his heirs. (Ibn Nujaym, Bahrur-Raiq, 5/557)

It does not matter if the distribution was made late or the property was not received for any other reason.

For example, if a poor person inherits wealth equal to or more than the amount of nisab, he is regarded as a rich person from the day of his relative’s death. After he owns this wealth for one Hijri year, he is obliged to give zakah.

If the inheritor is rich, the amount of inheritance is added to the amount of the current year.

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