How is Zakah Paid?

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How is Zakah Paid?
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Zakah for gold, silver, cereals, domestic animals and commercial commodities that are subject to zakah can be paid by giving some of those goods themselves or their equivalents. It is up to the person who pays zakah. Accordingly, a person who has gold can pay its zakah as gold, fabrics, cereals, silver, etc. However, it is better to prefer the way that is more useful for the poor. Zakah for something that has reached the amount called nisab can be given to the poor without waiting for one year to pass because the amount of nisab, which is the cause for the obligation of zakah, is present. It is permissible to pay a debt before its time is due. It is a deed that is favorable for the poor. However, if that thing has not reached the amount of nisab, it is not permissible to pay zakah for it before its time is due. If something has reached the amount of nisab, it is permissible to pay zakah for a few years for that thing. If this amount is present at the end of the year, zakah will have been paid. If the amount is less than nisab amount, the money paid will be regarded as sadaqah. If it has increased, zakah is given for the difference.

* If zakah is given to a poor person who has a lot of children and if this amount is divided into the number of the family members, if no members receives as much as nisab amount, zakah given to them is not regarded as nisab amount. There is no drawback to such payments.

* If a person allows a poor person to live in his house freely with the intention of zakah, it is not regarded as zakah because the poor person is not given anything.

* In commercial corporations, each partner is not regarded as a person who has to pay zakah based on the total amount of goods. If the share of each partner reaches the amount of nisab, each one of them has to pay zakah. If the share of a partner does not reach the amount of nisab, he does not pay zakah if he has no other goods.

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