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He is one of the notables of the Companions. His nickname is Aba Muhammad. He was a member of the rich families of Makkah. He was a young man who was handsome and dressed well. His parents cherished him all the time. His mother, who was one of the richest women of Makkah, made him wear very nice clothes and perfume. The people of Makkah watched him in admiration. The Prophet (pbuh) stated the following about him:

"I have never seen anyone who wore better clothes than Mus'ab b. Umayr, who was more handsome than him and who had so many boons in Makkah." (Ibn Sa'd, at-Tabaqatul-Kubra, Beirut 1960, III, 116)

While living in wealth and magnificence in Makkah, Mus’ab was informed that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) called people to Islam. Without losing much time, he went to the Prophet (pbuh) and became a Muslim. Mus’ab had to keep it a secret from his family that he had become a Muslim since the people of Makkah inflicted a severe pressure on the Muslims at that time. However, Uthman b. Talha, one of his relatives, saw him performing a prayer and told his mother and relatives about it. Thereupon, his relatives caught him and imprisoned him. Hard days started for that delicate and rich young man of Makkah. 

Mus’ab was kept as a prisoner until he joined the first caravan that migrated to Abyssinia; when it was possible to migrate, he migrated to Abyssinia in order to practice his religion better. When Mus'ab returned from Abyssinia, he had changed a lot. The delicate young man became a strong man whose heart was full of Islam and belief and who had a strong will. When his mother saw this resoluteness and steadiness in him, she had to alleviate her pressure on him a bit.   

Meanwhile, the Pledge of Aqaba took place and a group of people from Madinah accepted Islam. They asked the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) to send them an instructor to teach them Islam and to convey others the message of Islam. The Prophet (pbuh) appointed Mus’ab for this important duty. Mus'ab would lead the prayers, teach them the Quran and inform other people about Islam, inviting them to Islam.  

Thus, the first Companion that migrated to Madinah became Mus'ab b. Umayr. It is stated in resources that the first Friday prayer in Madinah was led by Mus'ab b. Umayr. (Ibn Sa'd, ibid, III/118)

A year later, Mus'ab b. Umayr came to Makkah with seventy people in the hajj season. He gave the good news of the fast spread of Islam in Madinah to the Prophet (pbuh) as follows: "There is no house into which Islam has not entered and in which Islam is not spoken left in Madinah." All Muslims, especially the Prophet (pbuh), were very pleased with this news. When Mus’ab’s mother heard that her son had returned to Makkah, she wanted to imprison him again. However, Mus'ab insisted in his belief by assuming a mature Muslim attitude and dissuaded his mother from pressurizing him. He invited his mother to Islam but he could not persuade her; she tried to dissuade him from his belief but she could not succeed.

After staying with the Prophet (pbuh) for two months, Mus'ab b. Umayr returned to Madinah twelve days before the Migration. The Prophet (pbuh) declared him as the brother of Sa'd b. Abi Waqqas and Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. (Ibn Sa'd ibid, III/120)

During the Battle of Badr, he held the standard of the Muhajirs. He was known as "the standard-bearer of the Messenger of Allah". He held the standard in the Battle of Uhud too. When he saw that the Muslim started to retreat during the battle, he rode his horse to the right and the left reciting the following verse:

"Muhammad is no more than a messenger: many were the messenger that passed away before him." (Aal-i Imran, 3/144).

The narration that this verse was not sent down until the day of Uhud shows the value of Mus'ab in the eye of Allah. (Ibn Sa'd ibid, III,120,121). In the Battle of Uhud, the right hand of Mus'ab b. Umayr, who was holding the standard of the Islamic army, was cut off first. He held the standard with his left hand and continued to fight.  However, his left hand was also cut off after that. This time, he held the standard tight with his body and continued reciting the verse above. Finally, he was martyred by a spear blow by a polytheist. Two Companions called Suwaybit b. Sa'd and Abur-Rum b. Umayr took the standard at once.

While Mus'ab was lying on the ground as a martyr, the Prophet (pbuh) saw Mus’ab holding the standard toward the evening. He said, "O Mus'ab! Proceed!" However, the person turned back and said, "I am not Mus’ab." The Prophet (pbuh) realized that he was one of the angels of Allah fighting disguised as Mus’ab. (Ibn Sa'd ibid, II, 121)

Many notables of the Companions were martyred in the Battle of Uhud. Mus'ab b. Umayr was also among the martyrs. The Prophet’s face showed how sorrowful he was. He sat next to the dead body of Mus'ab and recited the following verse, which is stated to have been sent down for the martyrs of Uhud:

"Among the Believers are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah: of them some have completed their vow (to the extreme), and some (still) wait: but they have never changed (their determination) in the least." (al-Ahzab, 33/23)

Then, the Prophet (pbuh) told the other Companions to approach the martyrs and to greet them, stating that their greetings would be accepted by the martyrs. (Ibn Sa'd ibid, III, 121)

When Mus'ab was martyred, he was about forty years old. They could not find even a piece of cloth to be used as a shroud for this meritorious man, who lived in wealth and welfare once. When the Prophet (pbuh) came near Mus'ab b. Umayr, he was lying in an old cardigan with his hair disheveled and his body torn apart with blows of sword and spears. The Prophet (pbuh) stated the following in sorrow:   

"When I saw you in Makkah, there was nobody who wore better clothes than you and nobody more handsome than you. Now your head remains uncovered when your cardigan is wrapped around your body as your shroud."

Then, they dug a grave and buried that blessed Companion among the martyrs of Uhud.
Habbab, one of the Companions, narrates the following about this dear martyr, who sacrificed his life in the way of Allah:

"We migrated to Madinah with the Prophet (pbuh) only for Allah's sake. We expect its reward from Allah. Some of our friends died without tasting any of those pleasures.  Mus'ab b. Umayr is one of them. He was martyred on the day of the Battle of Uhud and we could not get any cloth to enshroud him. We found his cardigan and tried to use him as his shroud. However, when we covered his head, his feet became bare and we covered his feet, his head remained uncovered. The Prophet (pbuh) ordered us to cover his head only and to put idhkhir (a kind of aromatic shrub) over his feet." (Bukhari, Janaiz 27; Ibn Sa'd ibid, III, 121).

(see M. Yusuf Kandahlawi, Hayatus- Sahaba)

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