Will you explain the verse " …and We sent down Iron..." (al-Hadid, 57/25)? Was iron sent down from space?

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Will you explain the verse " …and We sent down Iron..." (al-Hadid, 57/25)? Was iron sent down from space?
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A verse in the Quran can point to many realities; so, the following meanings can be understood from that verse:

One of the greatest grants of God Almighty to mankind is iron. The fact that there is a chapter called “al-Hadid” (Iron) in the Quran can be seen as an indication of its importance. The fact that there is not a chapter called “adh-Dhahab” (Gold) might be an indication that iron is more valuable than gold because life would go on if gold did not exist but it would not be possible to mention human civilization without iron. Iron is

- the essential of all of the arts,

- the source of human development and progress,

- in the center of the strength of man.

Most of the things made by man are directly or indirectly related to iron. Houses are built with iron. Food is prepared using tools made of iron. Clothes are made by using iron for cutting and sewing. States maintain their hegemony through iron. It can be said that those who dominate iron dominate the world. Due to its functions mentioned above and similar ones, the following is stated in the Quran: “…and We sent down Iron, in which is (material for) mighty war, as well as many benefits for mankind...”

The fact that it is not said, “We extracted iron from the ground for man” but it is said, “We sent down iron” indicates that iron is a bounty in all aspects. We see something similar in the verse that mentions sending down cattle in pairs. (az-Zumar,6 )

The meat, milk, hair, leather, and today the bones, blood and even the manure of those animals are used.

They are embodied bounties and mercy; therefore, those animals are called “anam”, which is derived from the same word as nimah (bounty) in Arabic.   

The phrase “send down” (inzal) is used for the rain as well as for those animals and iron that are granted for the benefit of man. Rain, light and heat are heavenly bounties; they are sent down from the sky. Similarly, those blessed animals and iron are among the greatest bounties; they have important places in the life of mankind.

Another important aspect related to the issue is this: The word “inzal” does not always mean “send down”. It sometimes means “grant bounties”. For instance, the word “nuzul” is used for the refreshments that are given to the visitors that come from a long way as soon as they arrive.  In the following verses the word is used in the meaning of giving a feast, treating and entertaining:   Aal-i Imran 198 , al-Kahf 102 and 107, as-Sajda 19, as-Saaffat 62, Fussilat 32 al-Waqia 56 and 93.

Thus, the word “inzal” can also mean“granting, treating”. (Ass. Prof.  Şadi Eren)

Some interpreters say that the phrase "We sent down"can mean "We created" in Arabic.Tantawi, an interpreter of the last century, states that the phrase “anzalna= We sent down” denotes the first ages of the world and that iron could only be sent down like rain when it was in the state of steam in his 26-volume tafsir, mentioning the aspect of the scientific miracle of the Quran. It is definitely known today that the earth was a ball of fire billions of years ago and then it cooled down in the course of time, having a crust and that the center of the earth is still in the form of a mass of fire having a temperature of thousands of degrees centigrade.  

The strongest theory regarding the creation of the earth is that the earth was a cold mass that formed as a result of the compression of small particles in the beginning. Then, the particles that were affected by the radioactive matters in the mass melted wholly or partly and then the earth crust was created as a result of the cooling that took place later.    

Halond divides the period of creation into three; the first period is the first moments of the world. In this period, free melted iron is present abundantly on the top layers of the mantle.

In the second period, iron moves to the depths of the mantle rom the top layers. It denotes that iron was sent down.

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