Will you explain the hadith meaning Adam forgot and hence his offspring forgot?

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The translation of the hadith "Adam forgot and hence his offspring forgot" in full form is as follows:

Adam forgot and his offspring forgot. Adam made a mistake (committed a sin) and his offspring made mistakes (committed sins)." Tirmidhi and Hakim narrated this hadith. The hadith is sound. (see Kanzul-Ummal, h. no: 15122)

Attention is drawn to the following fact in the hadith: Some characteristics of offspring come from their father genetically. Allah told Hz. Adam that Satan was his enemy and advised Adam not to rely on his words but he forgot it and ate from the fruit of the tree by being deceived by the suggestions of Satan; then, he was exiled to the world. All of his offspring answered the question of God Almighty “Am I not your Lord?” as “Yes” in “pre-eternity” but most of them forget about it in the world and go astray. 

It is indicated in the hadith that human beings are absent-minded genetically and they are reminded to act more carefully. 

A slight carelessness, forgetfulness, heedlessness and falling asleep in traffic cause irreparable harm; similarly, having an accident in the way of the hereafter in this world might cause their life in the world and the hereafter to be destroyed.  

Accordingly, man, who is forgetful and heedless, needs to beg Allah all the time and ask help from Him so as not to make mistakes. This can be achieved only through worshipping.  

The covenant that Hz. Adam forgot is stated in the following verse:

“We had already, beforehand, taken the covenant of Adam, but he forgot: and We found on his part no firm resolve.” (Taha, 20/115)

The covenant mentioned in the verse above is the following divine warning indicated in the chapter of Taha:

“Then We said: "O Adam! verily, this (Satan) is an enemy to thee and thy wife: so, let him not get you both out of the Garden, so that thou art landed in misery.'”

 (Tabari, Razi, the interpretation of the verse in question)

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