Will the ant of the Prophet Solomon go to Paradise? If it is so, what deed of its caused this?

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Will the ant of the Prophet Solomon go to Paradise? If it is so, what deed of its caused this?
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Some animals like the hoepoe and the ant of the Prophet Solomon, the camel of the prophet Salih, and the dog of the Companions of the Cave will go to the eternal realm - Paradise -  with both their spirits and bodies. There are some hadiths on this issue (See Alusi, Ruh’ul Bayan, 5/226). This is also demanded by wisdom and reality, and mercy and dominicality (See Bediüzzaman Said Nursi, Rays, Third Ray, p.65).

The reasons are as follows:

a) The true friend of Eternal Allah should be eternal. The conscious mirror of the Enduring Allah should be enduring (ibid).

The benefits of sincere friendship are pointed out in the following verse: “Behold! Verily on the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve" (Yunus, 10/62).

b) These animals too display a sincere friendship to Allah. For instance, the hoepoe complains about sun worshipers. It accuses those who do not worship Allah, Who knows everything hidden on earth and in heaven, but worship the sun, which is unconscious, and knows nothing, of foolishness and stupidity (see an-Naml, 27/24-25).

Likewise, the ant of Solomon gives instruction to its friends with a  manner of a careful commander to enter immediately their shelters/anthills so as not to be crushed unintentionally under the feet of the soldiers of Solomon (see an-Naml 27/18). A queen ant that services sincerely to its ants for which it is responsible and exhibits the manner of a commander who does not allow his soldiers to be harmed in vain shows that it gained the sincere friendship of Allah in the race of loving the creature because of the Creator.

The sacrifice that the dog of the Companions of the Cave exhibited is already a byword. Leaving the table of rich unbelievers and being exposed to hunger and thirst just for Allah, but choosing the friendship of the Companions of the Cave who believed in the Almighty Allah, is the indicator of its sincere friendship (al-Kahf, 18/13-18).

The camel of the Prophet Salih is already a miracle, and an indicator of his prophethood.

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