Why homosexuality is forbidden in Islam?

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Why homosexuality is forbidden in Islam?
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Homosexuality is contrary to the law of creation. Everything was created in pairs. Even in animals and plants, new products occur within the framework of the law of pairs. The fact that human beings were created in pairs has the same wisdom. The duty of the male of the pair is to inseminate and the duty of the female is to be inseminated. That is, the sperm of the man is in charge of inseminating and the woman is in charge of being inseminated and developing the embryo for the reproduction of human beings.

Homosexuality is contrary to that law of creation. 
Every act that is contrary to the wisdom of the creation of Allah is oppression because oppression means to do something inappropriately and unjustly. Homosexuality, which blocks the way of reproduction for human beings, is an unmatched form of oppression, inappropriateness, shamelessness, aberration and deviance. 
In addition, it is a psychological deviation which is not appropriate to the honor of humanity since all people are disgusted with those kinds of acts in principle. 
It is unthinkable for Islam, which was designed by Allah to show people the right path, to allow such aberration and deviance full of oppression.

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