Why is evaporation, which exists in the water cycle, not mentioned in the Quran?

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It is always stated in the Quran that rain is sent by Allah or that it comes from the sky. However, the phase of the evaporation of water in the air is not mentioned clearly in the Quran.

Do you think it is enough for the Quran to say superficially that water comes from the sky?  Why is no detail given? Why is the phase of evaporation not mentioned though many scientific miracles are mentioned in the Quran?

That sends down (from time to time) rain from the sky in due measure;- and We raise to life therewith a land that is dead; even so will ye be raised (from the dead). 43:11

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- As it is known, the brightest miraculous aspect of the Quran after its eloquence is its “conciseness” in its style. That is, expressing many things with very few words.

We should not expect from the Quran, which mentions various phases of rain in summary, to include all details that we want.

- The reason why the Quran mentions such verses about the creation and science is not to teach the nature of those wonderful verses/miracles/ontological events. On the contrary, its aim is to indicate Allah’s existence, oneness and His other pre-eternal attributes.  

There is a well-known rule: “The evidence has to be clearer than what is claimed.” If an evidence that is used in order to prove a claim is more ambiguous than that claim, it will be a wrong style that oversteps the limits of wisdom, goes beyond its purpose and does not take into consideration the level of understanding of the addressee.

Since the Quran took into consideration the level of knowledge and culture of its addressees in the period when it was sent down, it used metaphorical and concise expressions a lot. Expressions that will not confuse the minds of people and that will give some clues to scientists were used.

The following verses and similar ones have expressions that are like cornerstones for scientists:

“Seest thou not that Allah makes the clouds move gently, then joins them together, then makes them into a heap? - then wilt thou see rain issue forth from their midst. And He sends down from the sky mountain masses (of clouds) wherein is hail: He strikes therewith whom He pleases and He turns it away from whom He pleases, the vivid flash of His lightning well-nigh blinds the sight.” (an-Nur, 24/43)

“And He it is Who sends the winds as heralds of glad tidings, going before His mercy, and We send down pure water from the sky.” (al-Furqan, 25/48)

The following words of Badiuzzaman Said Nursi underline this fact:  

Question: Why is the information about the nature, forms and movements of big and small bodies given in the Quran ambiguous, not like the information given by science?”

Answer: For, ambiguous or implicit reference is very significant in these issues and succinct mention of them is really beautiful because the Qur'an mentions the universe by way of digression or parenthetically in arguing for the essence and attributes of the Creator.

“The first condition of proving is that the evidence has to be more apparent and known than the result. If the Quran had said as scientists desire, "O people! Look at the sun in its motionlessness and the earth in its movements and see how their Creator is powerful," the evidence would have been more obscure and secret than the claim. And, the majority of the people in almost all epochs would have become deniers due to not understanding them. However, while guiding people, it is necessary to speak by taking into consideration the level of understanding of the majority.

However, giving precedence to the majority will not deprive the majority because they also benefit from it. Nevertheless, if the opposite takes place, the majority will be deprived; they will not be able to understand because their level of understanding is low.” (Mesnevi-i Nuriye, 232)

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