Why does scientific conceit cause denial?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

4.2.4-Scientific conceit causes denial

            The following question can come to mind here: How do some of the scientists who see such a magnificent system not find and accept the real owner of this science?

            Intelligences that become narrowed by absorption in neglect of God and in sin, or the material realm, are unable to comprehend vast matters in respect of sublimity, grandeur, and infinity; hence taking pride in such knowledge as they have, they hasten to denial and negation. Since they cannot encompass the extremely vast, profound and comprehensive questions of faith within their straitened and desiccated intellects, their corrupt and spiritually moribund hearts, they cast themselves into unbelief and misguidance, and choke.
            If they were able to look at the true nature of their unbelief and the essence of their misguidance, they would see that, compared to the reasonable, suitable and indeed necessary sublimity and grandeur that is present in belief, their unbelief conceals and contains manifold absurdity and impossibility.

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