Why does Allah give wealth and property to sinners in this world and allow them to reach their goals?

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When we have a look at the people who have a lot of wealth in this world, we see that most of them have obtained it by violating the prohibitions imposed by Allah (like fraud, swindling, tax evasion, wrongdoing, usury, stealing, etc.). We see that people who work honestly and act in accordance with the orders of Allah do not gain much money. Why is this? Why does Allah allow sinners to reach their goals?
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We live in a world of wisdom. In this world, a person who acts in accordance with the laws of the world will succed whether he is an unbeliever or a Muslim. If a person fulfills the pre-requisites of something and acts in accordance with its causes and means, he will succeed whether he is a Muslim or an unbeliever. It is certain how to obtain crops from which plant, under which conditions, with which techniques and planning. A person who acts accordingly will succeed.

However, those who do not fulfill their duties and do not obey those orders will definitely suffer the consequences.

The reason why Allah does not prevent bad deeds directly in this world is the fact that we are in a world of testing. This world is a place of testing and those who give wrong answers and correct answers are allowed. If those who gave wrong answers were intervened, the testing would be meaningless.

If roses were thrown on the heads of those who did thawabs and thorns on those who committed sins, the world would not be a place of testing, but a place of reward and punishment.

- Where are oppressors punished?

Believers usually suffer in this world for the sins they commit so that their sins will be cleaned in this world and so that they will not be punished in the hereafter. However, the sins committed by unbelievers and oppressors are big; therefore, the misfortunes in this world are not enough for their penalty and their penalty is left to the hereafter. Even in this world, the penalty for minor crimes is given in small courts but the penalty for major crimes is given in big courts.

The penalty of a person who wrongs millions of people in this world will definitely not be given in this world. Only Hell can be fair penalty for their crimes.

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