Why are the sins that are left to the hereafter given very severe penalties?

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- Why are sins cleared with minor penalties in the world but with very severe penalties in the hereafter? - That is, why are the sins that are left to the hereafter undergo a very severe operation of cleansing beginning from the grave?

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The sins that are purified in the world are generally minor sins. The ones that are left to the hereafter are major sins.

Minor crimes are dealt with in small local courts and major crimes are dealt with in big courts.

However, we cannot say that those who are destroyed by misfortunes like earthquakes, floods and plagues in the world are purified with minor penalties.

Destruction of many nations took place in the world. We cannot call such penalties minor.

The following statements will shed light on the issue:

"Just as the penalties of those perpetrating small crimes are delivered locally and serious crimes are sent to the high courts, so too, according to the rules, the small errors of believers and close friends are punished swiftly and in part in this world, in order to quickly purify them.

But the crimes of the people of misguidance are so great that since their punishments exceed this brief worldly life, as required by justice they are referred to the Supreme Tribunal in the eternal realm, and mostly they do not receive any punishment here” (Nursi, Lem'alar, p. 48)

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