Why does Allah allow misfortunes to reach the Kaaba?

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Why does Allah allow misfortunes to reach the Kaaba?

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The laws of adatullah are valid in this world. Allah gave water the lifting force; this rule is valid for both unbelievers and believers. He gave fire the property of burning. An unbeliever can benefit from it or be harmed by it; the same thing is valid for a Muslim. For instance, a prophet is affected by cold and heat; a polytheist is affected from them in the same way. Those examples show that everybody is tested under the same conditions in the world.

Prophets showed miracles from time to time but they did not eliminate the secret of testing fully.

The Kaaba is also subject to the laws imposed in this world. The Kaaba was demolished several times in the past and it was also flooded. However, during the attack of Abraha on the Kaaba, Allah sent the birds of ababil (swifts) and prevented that attack. However, if it were valid all the time, it could harm the secret of testing. Allah allowed some miracles in order to awaken people from heedlessness. However, it did not happen all the time.

Although prophets should have undergone the least trouble, they underwent the most trouble. This shows that Allah creates everything based on wisdom in the world and applies the test under the same conditions for everybody.

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