Why did Allah tell Hz. Musa (Moses) to take off his shoes in the holy valley?

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Why did Allah tell Hz. Musa (Moses) to take off his shoes in the holy valley?
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The Chapter of Taha, verse 12:

"Verily I am thy Lord! Therefore (in My presence) put off thy shoes: thou art in the sacred valley Tuwa."

While explaining why Hz. Musa was told to take off his shoes, some tafsir scholars (interpreters) took into consideration the material the shoes were made of; however, the interpretation that his feet needed to touch that holy place directly and benefit from the bounties of it was preferred more that the other interpretations. (see Tabari, XVI, 143-144)

However, it can be said that the aim of this order is to prepare Musa, who is to receive divine revelation, spiritually, to warn him so that he will pull himself together and act more respectfully. (see Tabari, IV, 39) (see Diyanet Tefsiri, Kur’an Yolu: III/537)

According to another explanation, the reason why he was ordered to take off his shoes is to be in awe and modesty while praying Allah.

As a matter of fact, salaf as-salihin did the same thing when they circumambulated the Kaaba (Baytullah).

There is another explanation: It is an order given to honor that place. As a matter of fact, shoes are taken off before to honor the Kaaba before visiting it. 

Said b. Jubayr says: He was told to step on the valley barefoot just like the Kaaba is visited without shoes. It is known that it is necessary to take off shoes before being in the presence of a king and to look very modest. It looks as if Musa was given that order because of this.

Imam Malik did not find it appropriate to enter the city of Madinah, which contains the honorable bones and body of the Prophet (pbuh), on horseback or camelback due to his respect to the Prophet.

The following order of the Prophet (pbuh) to Bashir b. al-Khasasiyya when he was walking among graves with his shoes aims the same thing: "Take of your shoes when you are in a place like this." Bashir said,"Thereupon, I took off my shoes." (Abu Dawud, Janaiz 74)

According to another explanation, Allah spread the covering of light and guidance on it. Therefore, it was necessary for him not to tread on the covering spread by the Lord of the Realms. (see Imam Qurtubi, al-Jamiu li-Ahkami’l-Qur’an, 11/305-306)

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