Why are prophets subjected to tests?

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- Why are prophets subjected to tests though they are distinguished slaves of Allah?

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Prophets were chosen as messengers; they were not chosen as people who would not be tested.

For example, although a head of state is elected by the people, he has to comply with the laws of the state in general. A governor is also elected by the government as a governor to a province, but he is not elected as an unaccountable person. He also has to comply with the general order of the state.

Thus, being elected for a duty does not mean being elected to a post of unaccountability.

What is more, the most authoritative and the most distinguished people should respect laws more than anyone else because they are guides and living examples.

It is understood from this that prophets have follow the orders and prohibitions of Allah more than anyone else as counselors, guides, bearers of good tidings and warners.

As a matter of fact, one of the evidences of the prophethood the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is that he acted with great responsibility in everything and worshipped.

As Badiuzzaman Said Nursi states, in addition to the miracles showing the prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh), his attitudes and behaviors showing that he is strictly dependent on test are evidences of his true prophethood.

Yes, the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) “laudable morals, which were at the summit of perfection in his person; and in his duties, his complete confidence and elevated qualities, which were of the highest excellence, and his extraordinary fear of God, worship, seriousness, and fortitude, which demonstrated the strength of his belief, and his total certainty and his complete steadfastness, – these all show as clearly as the sun how utterly faithful he was to his cause” (see Mektubat, p.198)

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