Second Droplet: The prophethood of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) under the light of the news given by divine books, signs that appeared before the beginning of his prophethood, his miracles, morals and his taqwa (piousness, fear of Allah).


Just as that luminous proof of Divine unity is affirmed by the unanimity and consensus of those two wings, so do hundreds of indications in the revealed scriptures, like the Torah and Bible,(1) and the thousands of signs that appeared before the beginning of his mission, and the well-known news given by the voices from the Unseen and the unanimous testimony of the soothsayers, the indications of the thousands of his miracles like the Splitting of the Moon, and the justice of Shari’a all confirm and corroborate him. So too, in his person, his laudable morals, which were at the summit of perfection; and in his duties, his complete confidence and elevated qualities, which were of the highest excellence, and his extraordinary fear of Allah, worship, seriousness, and fortitude, which demonstrated the strength of his belief, and his total certainty and his complete steadfastness, – these all show as clearly as the sun how utterly faithful he was to his cause.

(1)  In his Risale-i Hamidiye, Husayn Jisri extracted one hundred and fourteen indications from those scriptures. If this many have remained after the texts have become corrupted, there were surely many explicit mentions before.

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Third Droplet: The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a preacher who addresses all living beings and explains the mystery creation of the universe.

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