Who are Yajuj (Gog) and Majuj (Magog)?

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Who are Yajuj (Gog) and Majuj (Magog)?
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Gog and Magog are two plundering tribes that lived in the past but it is possible to meet tribes similar to them any time. It is understood that especially at the end of time they will devastate the earth and cause mischief.

It is understood that Gog and Magog are closely related to anarchy. Anarchy, which is a word derived from Greek, means the absence of state and government, the people being unconfined, the weakness of the rule of state and law and the social chaos caused by them.

The fact that Gog and Magog devastate the earth and cause mischief everywhere is a complete scene of anarchy; the fact that the appearance of Gog and Magog again is indicated as a sign of the Doomsday shows that anarchy is one of the signs of the Doomsday. 

Acting upon the expression of Badiuzzaman, " an oppressive anarchy in ethics and life and an oppressive irreligiousness”, it can easily be said that the anarchy will not be in the material field only. Besides, what leads people to mischief and makes the world a blood bath is the anarchy in the hearts. 

Badiuzzaman gives the Manchurian and Mongolian tribes as examples in order to make us see the issue better. A group descending from them can do it again during the end of time. We cannot know it. Or another group may do it. The fact that some things are kept as secret by God Almighty (like Gog and Magog, Mahdi, Jesus Christ) depends on some wisdom. Since this world is a place of testing and trial, it is necessary for some things to remain secret so that everybody will be careful and they will not go to extremes. If the testing is made known to everybody, then Abu Jahls, that is, people with black spirits will be in the same level as people with white spirits; they will not be differentiated...

After those explanations, we can go on to the information about Gog and Magog.

Gog and Magog are the names of the plundering tribes that caused and will cause mischief and anarchy on the earth and that are mentioned in the Quran (18:94) and (21:96). They may be in different nations.  

Gog and Magog are also mentioned in hadith books. Briefly, Gog and Magog are mentioned in Bukhari, hadiths 789 and 1372; Ibn Majah 36 Kitab-ul Fitan parts 9, 28, 33; Muslim 8, 52. Kitab-ul Fitan  part 1,p 403 and other hadith books.

Badiuzzaman gives the following explanation about Gog and Magog:


The events involving Gog and Magog are mentioned concisely in the Qur’an, and there are some details of them in narrations. Those details are not firmly established like the concise but incontrovertible matters of the Qur’an, and may be considered allegorical. They require interpretation. Indeed, they need to be interpreted, for the narrators’ interpretations have been mixed in with them.

Yes, None knows the Unseen save God, one interpretation is this: it is an allusion and indication that just as the Manchurian and Mongol tribes, which in the heavenly tongue of the Qur’an are called “Gog and Magog,”25 together with some other tribes, several times overturned Asia and Europe; so will they again cause chaos in the world in the future. In fact even now some of them are famous anarchists, and anarchy is born of communism.

Yes, socialism sprang up in the French Revolution from the seed of libertarianism. Then since socialism destroyed certain sacred matters, the ideas it inculcated turned into bolshevism. And because bolshevism corrupted even more sacred moral and human values, and those of the human heart, of course the seeds it sowed will produce anarchy, which recognizes no restrictions whatsoever and has respect for nothing. For if respect and compassion quit the human heart, those with such hearts become exceedingly cruel beasts and can no longer be governed through politics. Just the place for the idea of anarchy will be those oppressed, numerous raiding tribes, which are backward in respect of both civilization and government. The people who fit those conditions are the Manchurian, Mongol, and some of the Kirghiz tribes, who caused the building of the Great Wall of China, which is forty-days’ distance in length and is one of the seven wonders of the world. Expounding the Qur’an’s concise statements about them, Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) predicted their appearance miraculously and precisely. The Rays, The Fifth Ray, Fifteenth Matter.

Badiüzzaman Said Nursi

Can you give some information about Dhul-Qarnayn mentioned in Surah of Al-Kahf?

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