What is the wisdom behind everything in the universe like atoms, the sun and fruits to be round and oval?

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When we view the issue from divine viewpoint, one of the wisdoms behind everything’s being created as oval is to show Allah’s absolute will. The creation of all beings as round based on the same shape is a sign showing the oneness of Allah. For, billions of things having the same shape shows that their creator is the same and one.

Besides, roundness is a special work of art. Everything’s being round shows that they are the works of a master with endless knowledge, power, wisdom and will.

“…There is not a thing but celebrates His (Allah’s) praise…” (al-Isra, 17/44)

The testimonies by the beings with their tongue of state are indicated in the verse above. One of the most important testimonies is that all beings appear in the same shape as round.   

What is essential in matter is inertia and inaction. Everything being in action and round, which is the perfect shape that enables movement easily, is a cosmic and ontological glorification showing that Allah’s knowledge, wisdom and will are free and away from all kinds of imperfection.   

The wisest position of the beings in the cosmic systems that are available for hugging, answering, helping and supporting each other is being round.   

The current perfect system of the solar system known as "the Law of Copernicus” is possible only when the moon, sun, world and other stars, which are the organs of the system, are round. The journeys on the axes, the movements in the orbits, the sun’s operation of the push and pull law toward the other organs of the system, the sun’s giving light to them, the formation of day-night and seasons can be possible only when those bodies are round.

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