What was the world like before the Prophet (pbuh) was born?

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What was the world like before the Prophet (pbuh) was born?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

A spiritual darkness covered the whole world.

The beings were virtually mourning because of the oppression and savagery of human beings. What shed tears were not eyes but spirits and hearts. The realm also joined the sorrow, pain and tears of hearts and spirits; it looked as if there was general mourning.

The earth was deprived of the belief of "tawhid (oneness)", which is the source of happiness, joy and peace. The storm of unbelief and polytheism tyrannized spirits and hearts. There were many wrong deities in hearts instead of a single deity. The yelling of the spirits that looked for their real owner was heard from everywhere.

Human beings became savage like monsters that ate one another; they were about to be drowned in the quagmire of unbelief, polytheism, ignorance and oppression. The oppressed people were groaning bitterly under the whip of oppression.

The realm was sad; beings were sad; hearts and faces were also sad.

Allah's endless mercy would no longer allow human beings to put up with this unbelief and polytheism, this aberration and ignorance, this sorrow and trouble, which grabbed minds, spirits and hearts and which squeezed them.

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