How was the situation of the world before the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?

The earth was covered with incorporeal darkness. Everything that existed was in a state of mourning because of the oppression and atrocities committed by mankind. It was not eyes that shed tears, but soul and heart. There was a general lamentation in the world.

The world was deprived of the creed of monotheism, which is the source of welfare and happiness. There were many false gods in hearts instead of One True God. Souls were longing for their true owner.

People grew brutal and were sinking deeper in polytheism and blasphemy.

God Almightys endless mercy would not tolerate that this ignorance and brutality prevail the world any longer. In accordance with His compassion and mercy, He would send someone who soon would put an end to all these. So He did, and sent Muhammad (pbuh) to the world.

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