God has given many people cars, apartment, property, and fame; and some others poverty, trouble, diseases, pain and sorrow; are the latter too bad, or God loves the others more?

This kind of a question can only be asked with the purpose of learning. Otherwise, this would be a sin. Essentially, people having such a problem should ask it.

God gives horse, car, buildings, apartments to whom He wills, poverty and misery, to whom He wills. Besides these, some other reasons should not be denied coming from the family or somewhere else. For example, as it is not possible to deny the ability and capability of someone in earning property, it is not also possible to deny that he knows the methods of earning in his time, because of their being the causes of earning. However, although God bestows some people capacity, He does not give them property. Abut this issue, in a weak-in-relating hadith; God says that He gives property to whomever He wills, and knowledge to whoever wants.

Besides, property should not always be seen as beneficial. God sometimes gives the ones who want property, worldly happiness, and peace, and sometimes He does not. But it is both beneficial if He gives or not, because if you are a good person and will use the things given in good deeds, then it is beneficial for you. But if you are not a good person; and have strayed from the right path, it is not good for you whether God gives you or not.

If you are not on the right path, poverty is a cause of blasphemy for you; because it leads you to rebellion against God so that each day you riot against Him in different ways. Again, if you are not on the right path and have no spiritual life, your wealth is a trouble and disaster for you.

Many people have lost this test until now. There are so many wealthy people whose hearts show no reflection of light and peace, because of their ingratitude.

The bestowment of property by God upon these people is only to increase their arrogance; and so, a cause of their deviation. But, in the first place this is because they killed their spiritual lives and caused the decay of the innate gifts and abilities given by God.

Here, it would be good to quote the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Among you there are the ones whose oaths God accepts when they raise their hands and take their oaths. And they do not break them. Bara Ibn-i Malik is one of them. However, the brother of Anas, Bara had neither food to eat nor place to sleep in, he was in complete poverty. Therefore, there are the ones who seem shabby and desperate and who at the same time are great people and are evaluated with the greatness of their hearts. And these are the ones, with the words of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), who God would not shame by letting them fail in their oaths, if they ever take an oath.

Thus, in isolation, neither property nor poverty must be taken as a calamity or boon. Maybe, according to the conditions, poverty is one of the greatest favors of God. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) preferred poverty with his own will. "Ama tarda an takune la humud-dunya. va lanaI-ahiratu: Wouldnt you like that the world be theirs, and the Hereafter ours. Although the treasures of the world poured into the treasury of the state, Omar (may God be pleased with him) lived on food enough to sustain his life and did not ask for any more. But there is also such kind of poverty-may God protect us-that is blasphemy and deviation. For example, if the words above were not uttered by a believer with the intention of learning; rather were uttered by an ungrateful, this person who complains about the favors of God would be in blasphemy.

Hence, poverty in some instances is favor and prosperity. The important thing is the heart must be able to thank; i.e. O my Lord, whatever is from you, I accept. It is pleasing whatever comes from you, be it even a shroud., Either fresh rose or thorn; your favor is pleasing, as well as your punishment is. In the Eastern Anatolia: From you, this is pleasing, and that, too, is.

Whether one lives in complete poverty or in wealth, if he is with God, like Abdulkadir Gaylani, his feet will touch to the shoulder of the people of closeness to God, and his blessed head to the shirttail of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). But if he has no relation with God, both his life of this world and that of the Hereafter will be in ruin. Just like that, the rich who has no relation with God, though seems happy in this world, will be in deep ruin and agony in the end.

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